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Guest Post By Ivy Rose

I am so excited to welcome Ivy Rose (Yogini, Stripper, Goddess)  as a regular contributor to this blog. I hope you enjoy her soulful musings as much as I do – Love Tmah x

I have spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars in useless yoga clothes for the purpose of feeling, essentially, like I was naked while practicing. What I got was clothing that ended up too tight or too loose, uncomfortable, faded, wasted on sweat and too many washes. The skin of a person is more than enough barrier against the harsh environment of a yoga room and it’s free! Your yoga spandex ain’t got nothin’ on my unshaved hippy legs.

Nude yoga should happen more often! For many it already has… There comes a moment in every yogis life when one feels the need to ditch the expensive yoga crop top with embroidered OM and embrace the desire to practice yoga naked. In the case of one of my teachers, Eoin Finn, he was living in Hawaii and got sick of washing sweaty yoga clothes. For a select few it is an invite-only occasion hosted in Sydney’s inner west. For me, I was specially requested to teach a short yoga class for a bucks party. A strip yoga class.

I was told to wear a skimpy outfit and be topless by the end. When I arrived the gentlemen did their best to follow instructions but then asked how much money it would take for me to do a nude yoga performance. I hesitated for barely a moment, took the cash and undressed. To be honest, it was really weird. Especially when they saw me do a straddle handstand and asked if I could do it facing away from them. My response: “I may be a stripper, but I am a lady after all and part of the grace of this practice relies on my feminine modesty.” 

Defeated by too many words, a few tried to change positions as I changed poses. I noted that men in this scenario are impressed less by flexibility or strength but by how a woman’s breasts look when she is inverted. Essentially they appreciate a display of “let me show you some things that you can not do.”

Men love all female form but they particularly admire female form which has taken hard work and effort. They vainly believe it is for them that women strive and battle for a perfect figure. What they may not realise is that the most attractive c word on a woman is her confidence. A woman who loves herself attracts love from others. What a man really appreciates in a fit figure is a woman who takes care of herself, of her body, mind and soul, as the top priority. This woman has said yes to life and no to cupcakes. This woman has accepted the less glamorous sweat and slog at the gym in place of cake-layers of makeup. This woman smiles at her own reflection instead of complaining about her imperceptible imperfections. This woman can hypnotise a man with her eyes.

I finish the performance in under 10 minutes and gratefully get dressed again. I have never before combined stripping and yoga in performance. It feels as though I have been stripped raw. As though my very skin was peeled back. These are poses in which I have found deep peace and brief moments of self-realisation. Here I have used them as base puppetry and yet I feel as though I have found another piece of myself in the process.

There is nothing wrong with the naked form or having it appreciated. Whether I open their hearts or their wallets the fact remains that I am what I am. And what I am is a woman who has the confidence to command and bewitch a group of fully grown men.

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