Denise Litchfield – Clairvoyant, Medium and Spirit Release

Denise is my B-school buddy. She’s the perfect combination of woo-woo and real. We met, she channeled and I loved it (and her). I got to pick her brain on all things psychic and those sticky situations where you, quite literally, see dead people.

What is it you do, what makes you different from other readers and psychics?

I see dead people, I also see psychic people.  So I create reunions for those who are living with those that have passed – like a middle man – hence the term, “medium.” I stand with a foot in both words, holding the gates open so messages can flow through.

As a medium, I make connections to loved ones who have passed, and help for those that might be stuck get to their proper home. I also offer reassurance for anyone dealing with unseen energies or presences. No you’re not going crazy.

I’m rather straight forward and I can’t stand the new age fluff that passes for readings these days. Don’t expect to have your fortune told, or to see a bunch of tarot cards and new age stuff about. I don’t do that. What’s practical about someone saying your aura is pink? How will that solve the problem you’re having with your neighbour? Totally useless.

How did you begin your journey as a clairvoyant?

I got laughed out of Brownies at age 8 because I really did see fairies, and I helped my first ghost go to his proper home at age 18.

I got real in Byron Bay over 20 years ago. I owned a healing and aromatherapy studio and someone’s dead mother turned up next to the massage table. She was holding a big calico cat and kept asking me to say the word, “mittens” out loud.

I told her, “No I’m not going to say mittens, my client will think I’m nuts.” But she wouldn’t back down, so eventually, I gave in:

“If I said the word mittens to you right now, would that mean anything?”

And he said, ”Yes, Mittens was the cat I had as a child.”

I knew right then that his mother was there in spirit and she had come to give him a message.

I also knew right then I was supposed to be doing this.

What annoys you about other clairvoyants?

I know some amazingly talented people, and right now I’ve been lucky enough to be mentored by Tony Stockwell – a really well known medium from the UK.

In Australia, it’s still a very new industry so it’s open to the usual array of cowboys and wowsers that any new industry has.

I help educate people on the best ways to get a good reading and what to look for when choosing a psychic or medium.

Can you give me a little history around mediums and clairvoyants?

There’s a huge difference between a psychic and a medium.

We are all psychic anyway – to different degrees – but a psychic will pick up on the energy around a person and are sensitive and in-tune to the info contained in the aura. They work aura to aura, so to speak.

A medium, on the other hand works up. They direct their antennae upwards towards the sprit word, instead of horizontally to the person in front of them for their information and are able to see, hear or feel those that now live in the higher realms.

Ultimately the supreme test of any medium or psychic is the quality of the stuff they bring – how accurate and useable it is for the client.

What principles guide you?

I try to get out of own way as much as possible to allow spirit to come close, and relay the info as best as I can. If I don’t get anything, I won’t make it up, I’ll refund the fee, or work till I get something I’m proud of.

Have you ever found yourself in any sticky situations?

You mean like the lady’s dead grandparents who arrived for a reading to tell her they knew about the pot she was growing on her balcony?

Denise is offering complimentary mini readings. It’s a great way to check her out and see if you’re going to be a good fit… just don’t be growing pot on your balcony. Get in contact via her website and say you’re a tanya-mah-dot-com reader to score your mini reading. Enjoy! x

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