Orthorexia is the New Kale

It’s tough being a hippy in the Eastern suburbs. The cost of my organic groceries, essential oils, sleep hacking devices and fair-trade yoga pants is becoming increasingly hard to manage and is proving to be quite the sore spot in both my relationship and budget.

Ben likes to pass judgement on my slightly obsessive mannerisms and orthorexic tendencies. He doesn’t quite understand the importance of fueling my precious body-temple with the latest superfoods and surrounding myself with high- vibrational people and products (salt lamps anyone?).

I know that I’m a total pain in the sphincter and I freak out whenever he uses the microwave – but all that zap-zap is carcinogenic and is messing up the love- vibration of my organic pizza.

It’s unfortunate that my fixation – and subsequent monetary investment – with ‘clean-eating’ and life organic has become such a contentious issue within our relationship.

He complains that I think about food all.the.time and that I’m obsessed with healthy eating. He thinks it’s strange when I get stressed about my gluten intake and whether or not my carrots are carbon neutral.

Whatevs boyfriend…eating zucchini masquerading as spaghetti is completely normal, not to mention delicious, you’re the one missing out here.

Yes, I know that Orthorexia is defined as an obsession with eating food that’s considered healthy or clean. But shouldn’t you be obsessed with being the healthiest and shiniest version of yourself?

Or is it slightly pathetic that I judge myself (and others) on what they put on their plate?

…I think the correct answer is yes.

It’s great that the clean-eating / healthy lifestyle message has gone mainstream. My social feed is full of people doing yoga, meditating and drinking smoothies on the beach. Yes, it’s inspiring but the inevitable comparison with my life does nothing but highlight my own shortcomings and can amplify my already obsessive behaviour.

Taking diet advice from a 22 year old Instagram model selling detox tea is nothing short of stupid but that doesn’t help the fact that social media has contributed to some of the unrealistic expectations that we place on ourselves and others.

There’s a very fine line between being a healthy foodie to becoming completely fixated and then restrictive about everything that goes in your mouth.

Good food is one of life’s greatest pleasures, enjoy it. Drink the wine, eat the pasta, enjoy the cake – it’s all bloody delicious.

Just remember not to microwave anything, that sh*t will kill you.

Got any habits that drive your partner insane? Share your thoughts (and habits!) in the comments below.
PS – again and again, I’m grateful you’re here and I thank you for reading. Heart you long time. Love Tmah x

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