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High Vibe Living Life Coaching


High vibe living is your one on one coaching package. I believe in the inherent goodness and beauty in you m’dear. And yes, it is possible to ‘have it all’ whilst living a full, high-vibe life filled with creativity, success and joy.

My coaching package includes:

+ 6 fortnightly 50 min Skype or phone sessions

+ Unlimited email support. As a bonus, this is available to you for 2 weeks after our last session

+ A stack of worksheets, exercises, handouts and resources and more

Your investment: 1 payment of $550 or 2 payments of $280

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  • Let’s not church this up, I’m a Life Coach not a Counsellor / Psychologist / Head Doctor.

    Whilst I’m super pumped to love and support the bejesus out of you (and trust me I am!), let’s first prefix all that feel good stuff with some hand-on-heart honesty. I want you to make the best and most informed choice for your own well-being without all the inspirational “live your best life / be the best version of you/ fist pump” coaching hoopla getting in the way.

    I can’t and I won’t treat dysfunction – simply because it would be so fu*king irresponsible of me. I’m not qualified to work with anyone who’s suffering from major trauma, feelings of self-harm or clinical depression. I can work in conjunction with a medically trained expert but people with fragile minds and emotions need therapy and/or counselling not just coaching alone. If you’re looking for a great Counsellor / Psychologist / Head Doctor please contact me and I can lovingly refer you to someone rad. 

    So now that we’ve gotten that out of the way – let’s talk you and me. 

    Coaching is a complimentary therapy and tends to be solution-based and goal driven. In short – it’s fast and it’s incredibly effective. 

    We’ll talk about your secret hopes, desires and most importantly, what makes you feel good. We’ll get crystal clear on how you want to feel and then we’ll craft a personalised action plan to help propel you forwards. I’ll support you all the way to dig deeper, speak your truth, step up and share your shit but you’ll be the one who’s doing the work (yes beautiful, it’s all about you).

    I believe that big change and full-blown metamorphosis only ever happens in small and incremental baby steps and it’s my mission is to support, inspire and uplift you oh-beautiful-one, so you can then create positive changes within yourself, feel ah-mazing and shine bright like a total mofo. 

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