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Smiling Sun Sees Me…


A Kids Yoga Book

Because every child deserves calm and happiness. Because the earlier they learn good habits, the easier it is to keep doing them. Because i love yoga. Because it is a special gift that is not bound by language, nationality, religion or politics. Because growing up is hard enough. Because kids are natural yogis. Because I believe in the power of children in changing the world. Let’s look forward to the next generation of yogis…it might just help make the world a better place for everyone.

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  • Yoga and meditation are two of my greatest loves. I truly believe that they’re the building blocks for a happy and fulfilled life and should be taught as life skills.

    With that belief I wrote and illustrated Smiling Sun Sees Me, with the simple hope that a new resource would allow for more kids to experience yoga.

    I was originally commissioned to do 3 illustrations for a fellow yogi that ended up turning into a massive publishing piece, then a business partnership, a literally agent and then us being shopped around to various publishers. We were in the final round of a major book and merchandise deal but it ended up being pulled at the last minute. I was completely gutted, the business partnership dissolved and I was left with a great idea and an awesome concept but nothing to move forwards with. 

    But I wrote, drew and finished it anyway. 

    I shared a sample online and people from all around the world stared emailing and requesting a copy.

    Little yogis from Sydney, Hong Kong, Mudgee, Mexico, UK, LA, Cambodia and Hawaii were all practising to Smiling Sun Sees Me.

    Aid workers in India and Nepal printed out the PDF to decorate their orphanages whilst inspiring children to simply smile and have fun.

    I started to receive notes from school teachers and carers sharing beautiful stories of children who learnt how to relax and focus due to the integration of yoga and breath into their lives.

    All this…it just makes my heart do happy back flips.

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