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Spirit Chasers


For the misfits, wild ones and spirit chasers

Spirit Chasers is your go-to guide on high-vibe living. It’s packed full of actionable advice to help you dig deeper, step up and keep on moving forwards.

I’ve dedicated half my life to chasing spirit, yoga and wholesome living whilst I’ve spent the other half completely overworked, trashed, burnt out and falling out of clubs at 5am. In between managing my career, family, friends and my highly functional and outwardly successful life – I just wanted to trashon‘ cause I liked it.

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  • For the misfits, wild ones and spirit chasers

    Frustrated with a lack of relevant support, knowledge and the influx of these incredibly banal inspirational life quotes and incessant green smoothie posts – I’ve learned how to successfully dance both sides. Staying wild and true to my core but having the self-love and care to fully show up in my own life and committed to the people (and things) that matter the most to me.

    Spirit Chasers is the guide I wish someone had written for me. I cut through the spiritual bullshit and typical wellness trite (there’s already enough of that on the interwebs) to give you the best of high-vibe living. 

     Spirit Chasers also includes-

    + 3 action-packed chapters on health, happiness and hedonism
    + More personal stories and tidbits from a decade of spiritual and metaphysical study 
    + 10 sure fires ways to get yoself prepped up, filled up and ready to go (even when you’re feeling especially shit-house) 
    + My big gripe with new age spirituality and pop culture psychology (and what to do about them)
    + Permission to eye-fu*k a stranger (like you need permission anyway) 
    + 3 steps for witnessing and then overcoming your fear
    + Loads more inspiration, insights and actionable tips

    I believe that big change and full-blown metamorphosis only ever happens in small and incremental baby steps and it’s my mission is to support, inspire and uplift those around me so they can create positive changes within themselves, feel ah-mazing and shine bright like a total mofo. I know that I can do it for myself and I want to share that with you. 

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