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Why I’m not cut out out for motherhood

Why I’m not ready for motherhood

Motherhood isn’t for everybody. There are some people should never be allowed to procreate. They’re either too selfish or they want a baby to complete themselves or to fix a faulty relationship. I fall into the ‘too selfish’ category. Ben and I joke about my stubborn Taurus streak and my only child syndrome. “You’re not selfish baby” he says, “You… Read more »

The Problem With Porn Sex

The Problem With Porn Sex

Porn-sex and real-sex are two completely different things. Don’t get them confused. Porn-sex is for redtube downloads and real-sex is for everybody else. It’s just unfortunate that everybody else got confused. Sex Ed. is one of the most useless and misguided subjects taught in schools. Hormonal teens are encouraged to abstain but if that fails they’re given a banana, a… Read more »


Lets talk about sex – with Juliet Allen

Meet Juliet Allen – Sexologist, Sex Coach, Educator and Writer. This straight-talking Gold Coast Mumma is teaching educational workshops across Australia, running online programs and working 1:1 with clients to help them feel sexually alive, empowered and free. We caught up during the week to talk good sex, libido and correcting the sexual shame that’s been projected onto the female… Read more »

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