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February Detox - My month without Alcohol

February Detox – My Month Without Alcohol

After a particularly festive silly season, one too many tequila shots and far too many Sundays spent perpetually hangover, I decided that it was time to trial a month without alcohol. February seemed like the winner, mostly because it’s the shortest month of the year and my liver was screaming out for some immediate respite. Here’s what I learnt. Not drinking is uncomfortable … Read more »


The Life Upgrade

One of my News Year’s resolutions was to upgrade my reality. It’s become my latest cat-call as everyone around me seems to be trading up, choosing better and living wiser. I’m not taking a note from The Secret and attempting to manifest a new car, bigger apartment or glamorous job. No… I’m searching for more meaning and better quality experiences in my every day…. Read more »

Desire Map

Goodbye Goals

Aspiring. Hoping. Plotting. Recurring. Reaching. Bubbling beneath your surface. You crave it — and it craves you. So you make a plan to get it. A to-do list. The bucket list. Quarterly objectives. Strategy. Accountability. The goal. Except . . . You’re not chasing the goal itself, you’re actually chasing a feeling – Danielle Laporte, The Desire Map I love to kick-start the New… Read more »

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