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Babe Lovin’: Melanie Payne

My babe Mel is a kick-ass yoga / pilates teacher, health coach , lap (yes, lap) dancer. She’s on a mission to help woman (and men) get their sexy back.    What services do you offer? I offer a 3, 6 and 12 month one to one or online group Transformation Programs. Together we work on an internal shift from… Read more »


one night romance

I’m a mad gossip. It drives my boyfriend mental. I’ll discuss everything with my babes. We’re just open and comfortable with each other and prefer to go beyond boring small talk and straight towards the sting of getting cum in your eye. For my successfully single ladies – we talk dating, sex up the ass (out hole only) and navigating… Read more »

word vs life

Work Vs Life

Arrh the illusive work-life balance – reasonable working hours, a comfortable salary, low stress, flexibility and a guiding sense of purpose.  You’re shiting me right? Work–life balance is a such precarious idea because it looks at your life in two opposing ratios that needs to be weighed up against each other. The very term implies that you have a work life… Read more »

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