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Ecstasy – Chasing The First High

“As we move more and more electronic, people are extremely hungry for the opposite: human interaction on a deeper level where you’re not rushing around, the rise of Molly (MDMA) is in tune with how people are feeling emotionally.” - Rick Doblin, the founder of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies. Ecstasy was always my drug of choice. Pot made me… Read more »


Your Guru is a Big Fat Liar

In traditional Indian custom, the Guru (Sanskrit for Teacher/Master) has the responsibility to share the purest and highest form of knowledge with his or her disciples. It’s unfortunate that the modern day ‘guru’ has been grossly watered down to the creepy, teetotaller pervert spreading the benefits of meditation, the anorexic yoga teacher pushing weight loss programs and the cocaine fuelled… Read more »

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