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Your Guru is a Big Fat Liar

In traditional Indian custom, the Guru (Sanskrit for Teacher/Master) has the responsibility to share the purest and highest form of knowledge with his or her disciples. It’s unfortunate that the modern day ‘guru’ has been grossly watered down to the creepy, teetotaller pervert spreading the benefits of meditation, the anorexic yoga teacher pushing weight loss programs and the cocaine fuelled… Read more »


Spiritual narcissism

Beware of the new kid on the (narcissism) block. We’re everywhere. We only eat organic and our shoes are made from vegan leather. We love green juice and dandelion tea. Meditation and yoga is our lifeblood except for that Bikram malarkey. That man and his locked knee can burn in a 40 degree torture chamber. We’re the fist-pumping, flag-waving, self-love… Read more »


Alpha Babes

I regularly seek the advice of spiritual teachers, healers and woo woo witch doctors. It’s how I navigate my always busy and sometimes overloaded life.  They help shift my perspective and encourage me to challenge my own behavior and notions of right action. Within the past month I finished a management diploma, wrote and designed a new Ebook, launched this… Read more »

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