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Denise Litchfield

Denise Litchfield – Clairvoyant, Medium and Spirit Release

Denise is my B-school buddy. She’s the perfect combination of woo-woo and real. We met, she channeled and I loved it (and her). I got to pick her brain on all things psychic and those sticky situations where you, quite literally, see dead people. What is it you do, what makes you different from other readers and psychics? I see dead people, I… Read more »

Overwhelmed and Over it

Overwhelmed and Over it

I’m kicking some serious life goals on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. I have access to good food, clean water and housing. I’m healthy, educated and gainfully employed. I’m also loved and supported by my family, partner and friends. But beyond these basic needs my life is also filled with joy, creativity and exploration…basically I’m the epitome of totes hashtag #blessed. I should be… Read more »

The false allure of the yoga selfie

The False Allure of the Yoga Selfie

The business of wellness – yoga in particular – is all kinds of cray-cray. Maybe I’m just a perpetual naysayer but I’m so bored of seeing a continuous stream of semi naked women intsagraming photos of their toned ass’ana on a beach, at sunrise and in a bikini. Yawn. I love women who feel healthy and strong in their bodies… Read more »

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