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Why dating after a breakup is pointless

Why dating after a breakup is pointless

One of my beautiful s’cribers asked me how to find love after the demise of a long-term relationship? She had suddenly found herself alone, vulnerable and wondering how she was going to manage the intricacies of Tinder whilst running a business and mothering a young child. I’m not the best person to dish out dating advice – I date like… Read more »

The Infobestity Epidemic

The Infobesity Epidemic

I’m in an intimate relationship with my iPhone. It sleeps next to me at night. I feel isolated and lost without it. I’m addicted to the little dopamine kicks that are stimulated whenever I see something new. My brain just loves the novelty. Cat dressed as a shark, click. An animated gif – fabulous – click, click.  We’re all wired… Read more »

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